WAR L.O.C. "Lock On Compensator"

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Weapons Armament Research - Lock On Compensator and match grade barrel


  • No barrel threads, uses Patent pending locking mechanism. *California compliant
  • CNC machined heat treated 17-4 stainless steel construction instead of aluminum.
  • Black DLC finish on all parts for improved abrasion resistance.
  • Match grade Lone Wolf barrel made to our specifications, for improved accuracy and performance. 
  • Machined to precise tolerances for ease of installation and removal.
  • Recoil mitigation without having to adjust recoil spring while using 115gr 9mm factory FMJ ammo. (Some tuning may be required with different ammunition, a 15 lb recoil spring works out great for all types of ammunition.)
  • Can be used with standard Glock 34 holster.
  • Compensator can be removed and installed in seconds.
  • No set screws = no worries about your compensator loosening.

-Fits GEN 3&4 Glock 19 with OEM slides only-

*Please check state rules prior to purchasing.

The L.O.C. was developed to be a threadless solution. In many cases a threaded on compensator becomes loose or the set screw(s) become loose. This then causes a problem, it either loses timing, or you have to re tighten set crews. Another issue is the use of a thread protector when not running the compensator. In most cases people take them off or run a O-ring and keep checking the protector after a couple of rounds to check tightness. Or it gets lost while shooting. The L.O.C. barrel does not require any thread protector simply remove the compensator and you are done.

Ease of maintenance also comes into play when removing the compensator from the pistol, the comp literally comes off in seconds. With a push of a button and the flip of a lever the compensator is off the pistol. You are then free to dis-assemble the pistol as normal. Or even soak the parts to remove carbon build up. 

The L.O.C. took extensive hours of design and development to get all the tolerance stacks in line. The tolerances between the barrel, compensator, and cross pin have to be just right in order for the design to work properly. Many procedures and manufacturing techniques were implemented to acomplish this. Needles to say it was no easy task and all the parts are machined to great precision. We only used the highest quality materials all the way down to the Smalley wave spring that keeps it all under tension.