A-10 War Comp, Glock 9mm gen 4&5

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The A-10 War Comp is a compact two chamber compensator designed in 9mm for Glock pistols gen 4 and 5.

The A-10 is designed to have the length of a G34 on a G19 slide. It also features a unique set screw attachment using brass balls. The brass balls form to the barrels threads, this prevents the compensator from becoming loose vs the traditional way using the set screws against the smooth part of the barrel. Allen key and thread locker will be supplied with the purchase.

Type lll hard-coat anodized for erosion resistance.

Some tuning with lighter springs may be required depending on the bullet grain.

Color may vary lightly from picture.

Compensator to slide gap will vary depending on barrel manufacturer. Barrels with a shoulder (part of the barrel protruding out from the front of the slide to where the shoulder for the threads begin) more than .20" are not recommended. 

(Generation specific)