Afterburner - M&P 2.0, 5" 9mm

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See options above for desired configuration. Base option ($290) includes the machined slide and barrel for the built in compensator, all other options are added to it.

With the effectiveness of compensators on pistols the need arose to design something streamline and unobtrusive. The best way to do that was to build the compensator into the existing slide and barrel. This created our patent pending seamless design with no added pinch points or added parts, "The Afterburner". If you so choose to shoot non compensated simply add a non ported barrel (but who wants to do that!). The barrel ports create a near seamless transition to the machined slide chambers, this creates a more effective path to re direct the gases up to mitigate recoil. Small drilled mesh holes are machined into the side of the slide to relieve muzzle pressure from the slide walls as well as tuning for overcompensation. The added serrations blend well with the existing M&P serrations, they also add extreme traction for engaging the slide or press checks. The added top hole allows the small amounts of escaped gases to exhaust from that location, this keeps the gun internals a bit cleaner vs not having the top hole. 

  • Customer supplied M&P 2.0, 5", 9mm slides only (ship slides with sights and barrel only, or without sights)
  • If slide paint option is chosen we will install sights supplied at no cost. Add color desired to the notes section at check out.
  • Barrels will ship with WAR hood logo and ports machined. (no fluting) The barrels will be aluminum oxide blasted with hood logo hand sanded ready for coating. (at the moment we do not offer pvd or dlc coating)
  • A 15 lb spring is a must to run reliably with this modification
  • See Contact tab for shipping address, ship all items insured with signature confirmation.
  • Ship slides and barrels only NO FRAMES